Download the .WAR|Clan. Skinpacks installed on servers here!

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Download the .WAR|Clan. Skinpacks installed on servers here!

Post  R0u$back on Mon May 09, 2011 10:36 pm

The skinpacks are optional, so clients on server don't donwload it automatically.
The skinpack has to be placed into your ETmain folder. If you got bored of it after a while, then you just have to remove the file from your ETmain folder.

Skinpack available on .WAR|Clan. Europe
Download link:

Size: 5.57mo

Skinpack related features:
# blue/red grenades for allies/axis
# blue/red pliers for engeneers
# blue/red seringes for medics
# blue rifle grenades for allies
# blue flames
# blue explosions (air strike
s, artillery, grenades)

# capturable flags with the name of the clan
# blue muzzleflash
# blue shells
# new landmines markers
# shortcuts ingame to server and forum
# new texture for the thompson
# new texture for the fg42
# new texture for the k43
# new texture for the garand
# new texture for the colt
# new texture for the sten
# new texture for the knife
# new texture for the mp40
# new texture for the panzerfaust
# full new skins for axis
# full new skins for allies (black pants/blue-white jacket/white-grey helmets)

Size: 0.50mo

Skinpack related feature:
# "Rainbow" flamethrower

These skinpacks have been made by me and .WAR|Bitchy. Some features were extracted from some existing skinpacks. Sadly we are not able to remember wich skinpacks...

We hope you will enjoy them.

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