Co-op games: Battlezone

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Co-op games: Battlezone

Post  DriftWood on Fri Feb 04, 2011 11:02 pm

Original Battlezone was published as a videogame using vector graphics and simulating tank battles. This remake of it is very different and included loads of new stuff.

Intro movie of the game.

The game appeared on 1998 and was almost an instant hit. It basically included the tank fighting game, RTS element familiar from Starcrafts, Warcrafts and Dune2. And all was from the first person shooter perspective.

The Story of the game gives some backround for the game. In 1950s a meteorite dropped near the Bering strait and it included something called a biometal. USA and Russians got a hold of it and that started a new race to get more of it. The next step was the moon and the fighting has started...

You build defenses, attacks, other resource managements stuff and try to beat the other side. Soloplay was great and the storyline of the game was also impressive. More biometal was to be found on Mars after the moon was done.

New units, things to protect and strange missions to get wierd techonologies to found. Gameranking seems to have given the game a solid 89/100 score for this and no wonder. It was good looking game and still is. And you were doing things from the first person as you had to eject from the vehicles if they were being destroyed in fight and run to the nearest vehicle as soon as possible. AI that took care of your other vehicles, buildings factories etc was ok. At least the enemy was nasty in its command.

Gameplay from the moon mission.

And Battlezone had another great feature. You could play this online. Two options were available. Battle against a friend or a co-op game against the computer. The co-op game was huge fun. Smile

With the game advancing through different scenarios you could get a catapult and deliver your vehicles into various places on the map. Hours upon hours of fun and you still was able to follow the storyline with co-op. The game has still some following although the servers were stopped sometime in the year 2003 Smile

Battlezone had some addons for it like multiplayer maps etc. The game seems to be freeware these days and is available at

There was a Battlezone 2 but it was a failure and was propably the reason that the series was discontinued.



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Re: Co-op games: Battlezone

Post  HARDY on Sat Feb 05, 2011 6:31 am



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Re: Co-op games: Battlezone

Post  Iveech on Sat Feb 05, 2011 12:34 pm

nice work drift
i wish i could have some time to play all the games you introduce
but 1 day i will
please continue
and <3<3<3<3<3 for this topic


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Re: Co-op games: Battlezone

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