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West Coast Rap music made a big splash when it came onto the scene in the mid 1990’s with hits from West Coast rap artists like Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, and Cypress Hill. While much of WestCoast rap was initially derivative of East Coast rap, these artists along with many others proved that WestCoast rap music had just as much variety and flavor as the East Coast did. In fact, the additional sub-genre of gangsta rap originated on the West Coast.

West Coast rap artists, a tight-knit group, piggybacked on each other’s success, all the way to the top of the record charts. Due to their close relationships, these artists were able to get their names out to the public despite the fact that West Coast rap downloads were not yet available.

Dr. Dre, former band mate of Ice Cube, discovered Snoop Dogg who ended up recording WestCoast rap music classics on his albums Doggystyle and The Doggfather. Other pioneers of West Coast rap music that made it big in the mainstream were MC Hammer, made famous by his song “Can’t Touch This” and later, the more gangsta Coolio.

Coolio’s hit album Gangsta’s Paradise was a breath of fresh air when it blew onto the streets in 1995, inadvertently making the entire WestCoast rap music genre even more accessible to teens across the country. Thanks to the availability of West Coast rap downloads, people are still able to enjoy those classics today.

2Pac is another one of the many West Coast Rap artists that helped shape the entire hip hop genre in addition to WestCoast rap music. 2Pac, a rapper that truly earned the coveted title of Urban-Poet, died tragically in 1996. He was murdered after attending a Mike Tyson/Bruce Seldon boxing match with the infamous Suge Knight.

Although haunted by controversy, West Coast rap music has still managed to become one of the biggest sub-genres of rap around. With 1,000’s of West Coast rap downloads available on the internet, Old School West Coast rap music continues to be played across the country as if the songs were released yesterday.


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