Do you want to join .WAR|Clan. Europe? Read this!

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Do you want to join .WAR|Clan. Europe? Read this!

Post  R0u$back on Mon Dec 20, 2010 7:37 pm

This topic is made for all the players who:
Like a Star @ heaven Want to join this Clan
Like a Star @ heaven Want to become V.I.P. Admin.

To be ever asked to join the clan, you need to:

1 - Be a regular player on this server:
2 - Be an objective/team player , -no rambo medic!-
3 - Respect ALL the rules, the clan members and the other players
4 - Be nice with all the other players. No insults, no whines, no arrogance, no ego...
5 - Be mature. By this we mean to not act like a child or an idiot... That's an important point we are watching about when we decide to give or not admin powers to a player, or to a new member.
6 - Warn us ONE time that you would like to join, or tell it in this area "Want to join.WAR|clan. ?"
7 - Being well integrated and participate in the life of the clan is an asset. Being active on these forums and on our TeamSpeak 3 sometimes can help to get the support of members, which is often crucial when you want to join us.
8 - Be able to talk correctly english. We do not ask you to be bilingual, but to be able to talk regularly with others.

We usually delete application topics after a while. This does not mean that your application has been forgotten.

If you have all these criterias then you might be asked to join us some day, or by default to become V.I.P. Admin (level 4 on server). This doesn't mean that if you have all the required criterias you will be for sure recruited.
The clan has got many applicants, and only the players who look to be the best applicants will be asked to join, due to the lack of new spaces in the clan, and of our policies about recruitments.

If you are not recruited after few weeks, keep playing on server! Few members are a good living example... A negative answer one day can become a positive answer after few weeks or months, and the clan/server will continue to live for years, so be patient!

Good Luck!



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